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Here is a great Christmas gift idea. Choose 4 or 5 prints you think the person you are shopping for would enjoy. Purchase the inexpensive 18" giclee prints. Then go to Walmart, Cosco, or Michaels to pick up some inexpensive frames. And now you have an affordable gift that will look great on a den or office or hallway wall.
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This site is divided into two main sections of prints.
The first is a selection of 32 wonderful
posters from World War I. It was this collection that Great American Posters was founded on.
The other section is called
"Collections." So far there are 6 collections. Others are in the works. And new images are being added to this site almost daily, so check back from time to time to see what is new.
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Who We Are

Ocean Color (formally Ocean Color Group, Inc.) is a digital color printing and display company started in 1995. We are located in Middletown, RI. Over the years, we have built up considerable experience and expertise working with digital images to produce the best quality color prints. We have done work for a number of well known companies as well as hundreds of smaller companies. With this web site, we are using our equipment and experience to produce a series of great American posters. The first collection is 32 wonderful works of poster art from the early 20th Century. Overtime, we will add other collections to the web site.

American Tribute
In addition to this commercial web site, we have launched a number of "Great American" web sites that are not commercial. Their purpose is to celebrate our American heritage. Why? It comes from a very deep feeling of patriotism. We simply love this country and our common history. For a more complete explanation, please visit

Credits and Copyright:
All of the WWI poster artwork is in the public domain since it was created before 1923. Some of the other works we will be offering are in the public domain because they were originally created by an employee of the U.S. Government. While the original artwork is in the public domain, our restoration, which represents many hours of painstaking work is proprietary. The prints are for sale; the images are not for sale. A Confession of Sorts: we did not actually frame every poster and hang it on a brick wall and then photograph it to show you what it could look like in your home or business. We actually purchased great brick wall photos from a stock photo web site,, and simulated the effect in photoshop. Why brick walls? Most walls in most homes are painted a solid color. If we took a photo of a typical wall, it wouldn't look like a wall; it would just look like a solid color. Photo credits are as follows:
Red Brick Wall: photo by Thomas Dutour I.D.No. 23123072
Brick Wall with Hanging Lamp: photo by Sedat Seven - I.D. No. 47615953
White Brick Wall: photo by Thomas Dutour - www.123rf I.D. No. 28649722


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